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If Roe v. Wade Goes, Women May Have To Drive Hours For An Abortion. It's Already Happening in North Dakota [The Daily Beast]

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For Women In Congress, The State of the Union Is A #MeToo Moment []

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What It's Like To Live In The Toughest Places For Women [Public Radio International]

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Why Grown Women Worship Johnny Weir [Bustle] 

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Squaw Goes Green [Comstock's magazine]

The To-Do List Trick That Finally Got My Life In Order [The Daily Beast]

"I Don't Eat In A Bathroom": This Lawmaker Doesn't Want Women To Breastfeed Where They Pee [The Lily]

"A Frightening Precedent": Inside The GOP-Backed Effort To Boot 3 Women From Office [Refinery29]

Colleges Are Adding Luxe Perks To Lure Students. But Daycare? Too Expensive [Refinery29]

How The Vicious Boy King Of Free Speech Sparked A Battle At Berkeley [Refinery29]

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I'm An Abortion Travel Agent [Refinery29]

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Voting Helped Her Get "One Step Closer To Feeling Normal" [Refinery29]

What's In A Name? For Kentucky Derby Race Horses, Plenty Of References Rules, & Lineage [NBC Owned TV Stations]

Student Loans Delay, Deter Dreams Of Becoming A Nun [NBC Owned TV Stations]

"You May Be Tired, But You're Wiser": Why More Moms Are Having Babies After 40 [NBC Owned TV Stations]

Gift Me: College-Bound Turn To Online Registries [NBC Owned TV Stations]

Some other cool stuff:

I helped New England Cable News create its inaugural New Hampshire presidential primary candidate tracker, an interactive database tracking 2016 hopefuls' visits to the Granite State. 

At NBC, I covered the Olympics, midterm and mayoral elections, and high-profile national and international breaking news events, including the Navy Yard shooting, the Ebola crisis, and California wildfires. 

I was a member of the team that reported and wrote Refinery29's award-winning Daughters of Paradise series on Syrian refugee women. 

Love avocado toast? You might enjoy this story I wrote for Comstocks magazine in 2013. 

I've covered five national conventions! A few examples of the pieces I reported are available here, here, here, here, and here. 

My work as chief correspondent of The Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert blog was recognized with a Center for California Studies award for best political blogging.

I once went on CBS to talk about a scandal involving a hot mic, sex acts, and a boastful politician (who wasn't Donald Trump).